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Meet the Team Thursdays (Part VI)

Hi Lovelies!

Welcome back to another installment of our favorite segment, Meet The Team Thursdays. This month we bring you the fabulous Danni and Stacy. Our ambassadors, Danni and Stacy are well-acquainted with a long winded journey with self love and body positivity and so we are very excited to bring you their stories and narratives with the hope that they will inspire you, move you and make you fall just a little bit more in love with yourself. As always, thanks for joining us for yet another Blogpost Thursday – stay tuned for more exciting things to come in April and if you want to sign up to be a NAM Ambassador like Danni and Stacy, simply follow this link.

1.Talk us through your journey of self-love. Were there any stand-out moments? What were they and why?
Danni: I was always unhappy with my body and thought I was fat, until one day I just stopped caring about what I thought  others thought and just accepted my body and it’s imperfections and began to love the skin I was in, loving my cellulite, my love handles and jiggly bits.

Stacy: My journey of self-love began when I chose to commit myself to recovery a little under 2 years ago. I decided I was tired of constantly being miserable and that I no longer wanted to live my life striving to meet external standards…standards that I knew would never bring fulfillment to my life. I had been shrinking myself for years and did all I could to meet the standards, and no matter how close I got, it was never enough. I was tired of destroying myself for others. I wanted to discover who i truly was and live my life for me.

2. If there was one thing you could express to all the people currently coping with an eating disorder, what would you say? 
D: To start loving yourself and to not think that you have an awful body, I think self love starts with acceptance of oneself and to love ones imperfection.

S: You are so much more than your ED. I know I used to hold so much of my identify in my ED, I thought it was all I was and all I had. But I promise you, there is so much more to who you are. The things you are passionate about, what brings you joy, are things we get to discover when we let go of identifying ourself with our ED.

3. Putting yourself out there on social media is no easy feat. What gave you the inspiration to build such a strong presence on platforms such as Instagram? 
D: It was actually body positive accounts like NAM and a few others that gave me the inspiration I saw ppl post photos of themselves and their positive photos and their amazing attitudes gave me the inspiration.

S: When I first committed myself to recovery, one step I took was unfollowing people on social media who made me feel less than, not good enough, or who I was constantly comparing myself to. Then, I followed individuals who inspired me, many of whom were in the body positivity community. I saw them sharing their story and selves authentically and vulnerably, and I wanted that. I wanted to give myself a voice and to allow myself to be seen exactly as I am.

4. When you’re dealing with thoughts that aren’t body-positive, what do you do?
D: Sometimes looking at other ppl on the internet puts some self doubt in my head and I sometimes start to not like how I look but when that happens I say to myself that I’m just as Beautiful as the next person and don’t dwell on it.

S: I often have thoughts that aren’t “Body-Positive”. I don’t always love my body and I often experience discomfort in how I look. To me, that is normal and okay. My goal is never to always love my body or have positive thoughts about it. For me it is about when I feel unhappy with my body or am uncomfortable with how I look, practicing not equating that to my worth. Knowing that it is okay and makes sense to think negatively about my body, but those thoughts mean nothing more. I am more than those thoughts.

5. What is one change you’ve made in your life that has greatly helped you on your journey to body-positivity?
D: A change in thinking and my attitude and to no longer be embarrassed of my jiggly bits and if you have got it then flaunt it don’t be ashamed to hide.

S: One of the major changes I have made on this journey is learning to be patient with myself. It takes time to break away from diet culture and obsession with body image and constantly judging ourselves. It is a process that when we learn to practice instead of trying to be perfect, it becomes a beautiful journey. When we stop expecting ourselves to figure it out and stick to things we’ve been able to do before and instead focus each day on just practicing it becomes a beautiful and compassionate journey. Practicing being kind to ourselves, accepting ourselves and giving ourselves compassion. It takes away the pressure and need accomplish something and we can instead focus on the now.

6. Do you have a body-positive mantra? And if not, what would your mantra be?
D: Just to always love yourself and your imperfections.

S: My mantra is “ No matter what I feel or what I am going through, I am enough.” 

And there you have it lovelies! Another month, another set of badass, beautiful NAM warriors. If you have any comments and or questions for our ambassadors or would like to send Danni and Stacy a little love for being brave enough to share their stories, leave us a comment or drop us an email. We always love hearing from you.

Until next time,


Team NAM xx

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