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REVIEW: The Wellness Studio in Geelong.

Hey beauties,

First of all let me say, 2 posts in 1 day?! Lucky you!

Now down to business – a lot of you may or may not know I got married late last month! It was an absolutely intimate and exquisite affair including some of my closest and dearest family and friends. Now whilst weddings can often be stressful, more so for the bride than any one else, it was of utmost importance to me to make sure I was taking care of my mental and physical wellbeing in the lead up to my big day. In doing so, I decided to visit The Wellness Studio in Geelong; a beautiful, tranquil space that allows you to get away from everything (and everyone!). They truly are an amazing company who give back to the local community, boast of only the best and most friendly staff, and most of all have some really amazing salt rooms that I had the privilege of experiencing. My top 3 benefits of the salt room are as follows:

1. Decongestion when I had a cold, allowing for deeper and clearer breathing.
2. Removing toxins, which lead to much clearer skin, and
3. Much better sleep and reduced anxiety.

So often, we get so wound up in our daily lives and all the people around us that we forget the toll it takes on bodies and minds. Visiting The Wellness Studio in Geelong really allowed me to escape for a while in a way that benefited my entire being – body and soul. Moreover , I really couldn’t get enough of the beautiful aesthetic that welcomes you as soon as you entire. From salt lamps to candles – just stepping foot in the Studio allows for better mindfulness and wellbeing.

Check out a few photos from my visits below.

To find out more about The Wellness Studio in Geelong, follow the links below and subscribe to their social media channels. I absolutely loved them and I’m certain you will too.

Instagram: @thewellnessstudioingeelong
FB: The Wellness Studio Geelong
Phone: 0476 199 247

Hope you enjoyed that little review guys! I’ll be doing plenty more in the months to come and would love your feedback. Until next time!

Lots of love,

Ambs xxxx

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