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We live in a world where the definition of beauty has fallen to the sidelines, having a set definition. If you don’t fit into society’s conception of what it means to be beautiful, you are judged and critiqued. Is beauty created on a computer? Is it hiding every last flaw to evolve into something you’re not? Is it plastering on the fake tan and airbrushing every “undesirable” area …to achieve what society has defined as “perfection”?
This is not beauty. Beauty does not have a predefined size or shape. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is loving your body for what it is, and unapologetic-ally flaunting it for the whole world to see.
The Non Airbrushed Me Movement, established in 2015 by Amber Gwynn, is based on the foundation of our firm belief that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, skin tones, hair colours, ethnicities and should be equally fairly represented.
The Non Airbrushed Me Movement has become one of the leading Self Love Movements internationally, attracting a large and engaged global audience. Amber wanted to take Non Airbrushed Me to the next level- in supporting the representation of relatable, realistic and diverse beauty in the media.
 Having been a curve model for BELLA Management, Australia’s leading Boutique modelling agenct determined to redefine beauty and the boundaries placed on fashion models. Non Airbrushed Me and Bella joined forces in early 2019, with Non Airbrushed Me becoming the global talent scout for BELLA for both male and female talent.
All models scouted by us and placed with BELLA become Non Airbrushed Me ambassadors and form part of the Non Airbrushed Me tribe with exclusive invites to private events, personalised coaching, support and mentioring, and promotion of their modelling work across social media platforms to give them their best chance at a successful modelling career.
We are so proud to work alongside BELLA who share the same vision and values as we do, and we are so excited about the impact we will make in the industry together as a united force.



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