We live in a world where the definition of beauty has fallen to the sidelines. Is beauty created on a computer? Is it hiding every last flaw to evolve into something you’re not? Is it plastering on the fake tan and airbrushing every “undesirable” area …to achieve what society has defined as “perfection”?

This is not beauty. Beauty does not have a predefined size or shape. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is loving your body for what it is, and unapologetic-ally flaunting it for the whole world to see.

Here at Nonairbrushed Me, we have one goal in mind. To celebrate beauty in all forms in a raw and authentic way. We want YOU to feel confident and gorgeous day after day.

Our founder, Amber Gwynn, is a registered nurse and a warrior woman living with Multiple Sclerosis. She understands the importance of honouring and nurturing our bodies and being grateful for the function our bodies give us each day.


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