NAM is an internationally recognised activism movement created to teach women around the world to LOVE their bodies in their natural and nonairbrushed form, and have gratitude and respect for their bodies on a deep level. 
The NAM Global Ambassador Program is a network of positive body image ambassadors around the world who are connected to, and in supportive of, the values and visions of NAM Movement.
As an ambassador, your involvement in the movement will be as individual as you are but will primarily focus on promoting the NAM Movement’s values and vision to local people in your community.
This will involve sharing branded content on social media, encouraging those in your network to follow the movement and being a collaborative member of the team by being a support, sharing knowledge and experiences.
Above all, your role as an ambassador will see you being a positive role model to those around you by taking accountability of the language you use in relation to your body and the body image communication you share with others.
What we ask of you:
– To support creating the change we need, it is important that you regularly post about the NAM movement on your socials and tag @nonairbrushedme #nonnairbrushedme in your posts.
– You will be added to an exclusive ambassador Facebook group. This is a safe space for you to be real and raw with other ambassadors, actively share content/ideas/support/experiences, and collaborate with each other. This is a great opportunity to connect with many inspiring, like minded bopo warriors. It is important that you are active in this Facebook group.
– Encourage your followers, friends, and family to follow the movement. If you think someone would make the perfect ambassador, please encourage them to email us.
– You are required to purchase one of our Nonairbrushedme T-shirts. The cost is $50 plus $15 postage AUD. This is required to support the growth of the movement and promotion across social media.
What you will receive:
– You will receive 20% off NAM apparel ongoing using code ‘ambassador’.
– Where possible, invites to exclusive NAM events/catch ups etc.
– Invite to our exclusive ambassador facebook group
If this is for you, let me know babe. Would love to hear from you.
What you need to do to apply:
– Tell us why you want to be a NAM Ambassador and why you feel you would be a great Ambassador
– Include links to your social media handles
Email this information to info@nonairbrushedme.com.au
Hope to hear from you soon.