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We live in a world where the definition of beauty has fallen to the sidelines, having a set definition. If you don’t fit into society’s conception of what it means to be beautiful, you are judged and critiqued. Is beauty created on a computer? Is it hiding every last flaw to evolve into something you’re not? Is it plastering on the fake tan and airbrushing every “undesirable” area …to achieve what society has defined as “perfection”?

This is not beauty. Beauty does not have a predefined size or shape. Beauty is confidence. Beauty is loving your body for what it is, and unapologetic-ally flaunting it for the whole world to see.


NAM was formed on the foundations of our firm belief that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, skin tones, hair colors, ethnicities…the list goes on and on. What does it matter what we look like on the outside? We all have a beating heart, functioning brain and feet to take us where we need to be. It’s time to be grateful for that alone!


Why change a thing about yourself, when there is no other “you” in existence? Be bold. Be YOU.


Our founder, Amber Gwynn, is a registered nurse and a warrior woman living with Multiple Sclerosis. She understands the importance of honouring and nurturing our bodies and being grateful for the function our bodies give us each day. So with that in mind, she took the movement to the next level- doing the only logical thing, starting her own Talent Agency. In doing this, she hopes to change the world’s belief on beauty, and help everyone realise they are beautiful they way they are, by putting talent into the world who also believe beauty is not formed behind a computer screen, but instead is something entirely unique and individual, and something that should be embraced that way. 

Here at Nonairbrushed Me Management, we have one goal in mind. To celebrate beauty in all forms in a raw and authentic way. We want YOU to feel confident and gorgeous day after day. We strive to promote relateable and realistic beauty in the media to support women in their journey to embrace and love their bodies in their authentic form, by offering a diverse range of talent who are confident, positive and happy working at their natural body shape and size.

When it comes to the photos you see on our site, there has only been colour grading (lighting changes) and the odd touch up of a recent cut or bruise here or there. We don’t nip and tuck, remove scars or stretch marks, and we certainly don’t airbrush – which is what makes us stand out from the crowd of many other talent agencies. 


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